The Best of Both Worlds

Nope. Sorry if I got your hopes up, but this post has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, or any other alter-ego of the aforementioned.


Before we had kids, I always imagined myself a mom of girls. I am so girly. Dance shoes, ruffles, singing to birds perched lightly on my fingers….all things that describe me.

Then, after a year of trying, nine months of pregnancy, thirteen hours of labor, and a broken tailbone to top it off…I had a boy.Jack HAtThen eighteen months later, ten days late, and only two hours of labor, I had another boy! photo(1)What?! What is a girly-girl mommy supposed to do with this bundle of testosterone handed to her, wrapped in a baby blue blanket?

Adapt. So I did. And quite nicely, I think. Gummy worms…IMG_3355


…little boy haircuts…IMG_7441…I’ve mastered them all. I’ve even ventured into the [shivers] great outdoors!IMG_3446 IMG_5503When we found out we were pregnant with our third, I was convinced it was another boy. I mean, the medical odds were in that favor, right?


A few weeks ago we found out we were having a girl. And I have to admit, since then I have had a few freak-out moments! After over three years of “boy world”, I was beginning to wonder what I would do with a girl!

But then this weekend we started the process of getting our house ready for our little bundle of Lorelai, due to arrive in just three-ish months. We painted the boys’ room and went ahead and started bunking them together for naps and nighttime. We picked out paint colors for Lorelai’s room and bought her this…photo…and this for her room! {To hold all of those hair bows Mommy is going to make her wear. Thank you, Hope, for her very first bow!}photo1And suddenly my little girl isn’t so much an idea, but a reality. And it all starts coming back.

We went to North Point Mall this past weekend, as well. When we walked past the American Girl Doll Store, both Tim and I welled up with baby girl excitement. Tim said, “I can’t wait to take my daughter there for lunch with her doll and buy her $12 chicken fingers.”

Isn’t that the sweetest? He’s the best Daddy ever. {And just so you know it’s actually $15.50. Per person. Shew! Good thing we already have six of the dolls waiting for her.}

Needless to say, in just one weekend it all came back.

It’s all comin’ back, it’s all comin’ back to me now… {sorry, just had to}

We were already excited about adding some pink to our lives, but now that it feels a little more tangible, we are just beside ourselves.

Pirates and princesses will roam run the halls of this Elrod house. And that’s what we call the best of both worlds.

With love, Malorie

One thought on “The Best of Both Worlds

  1. So can I bring all the many years worth of barbies that Nanny gave you and all the American Girl dolls and accessories on over NOW ????? LOLOL

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