Ten Cups of Coffee: 9 DAYS!

Woke up with my eyelids feeling glued together this morning. You know what that means…

That means the first couple of hours around here are going to go a bit slower than usual. That means Eggo waffles for breakfast {and asking Jack to pop in the first set}. That means this sassy cup will most likely be getting a Rapid Fill. I mean refill. {Sorry. Disney brain.}photo9Tim and I sat down for an hour and a half last night and really calculated out what we were realistically going to spend on meals and souvenirs this trip and where we can cut corners. Budgeting doesn’t stop just because we are vacation! {Unfortunately.} But let me just say that buying into DVC is already starting to pay off, especially since we bought in before the drive-up of prices with the arrival of the new Villas at the Grand Floridian. So happy to see our Disney dollars working for us, for once.

Happy Tuesday, folks! Make it sassy!

With love, Malorie

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