Ten Cups of Coffee: 4 DAYS!

photoHappy Funday Sunday!

I got to sit next to Stacey and Tommy {our WDW vacation companions} at church this morning, while I sipped my coffee from our Tomorrowland mug. Then afterwards, they {along with my folks} came over for lunch and the boys ran amok while Tommy made homemade jalapeño poppers! YUM! The perks of having friends who can cook!

Tim and I love this mug. We got it a couple years ago in WDW and gracefully dropped it and broke the handle off about two seconds after we got home. We sat in the floor sobbing and hugging saying, “At least we still have each other…”

After a good cry and some super glue, we decided to just use it every now and then and hold it by the cup, not the handle.

Today was every now and then. Only having four days left till your WDW vacation is a good reason to break out the fancy stuff. Or previously broken stuff. Whatever.

When everyone left to go home, it was fun being able to say, “See ya in Disney World!”

Oh man. Life is good.

With love, Malorie

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