Here’s What We Think: Rapid Fill? No Big Deal.

I hereby promise this is my last post on Rapid Fill. On our trip this past week, I was able to experience it first hand, and the official Elrod opinion is that Rapid Fill is no big deal.IMG_5912

Although, Rapid Fill was not in use at the Wilderness Lodge during our stay, the pricing for the mugs was, since they could be used at other resorts that already had Rapid Fill in place while resort hopping. The drink machines at Roaring Fork where already Rapid Fill machines, they were just not turned on to that capacity. We were able to use our Rapid Fill mugs just like the old mugs. Any refill, anytime. To experience the system for ourselves, we took a boat over for dinner at the Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary to try it out.

IMG_6181IMG_6182IMG_6177 IMG_6176 IMG_6174Basically, nothing was different. Set your cup down under your drink of choice and press the button. An image of a cup filling up will appear, to let you know how much more you have available in that refill, along with the expiration date of your mug. IMG_6175Next I wanted to see what would happen when I “ran out” of my current refill. With ice in my mug, I could fill it all the way up to the top and the cup on the screen indicating the amount of refill that I used would only be about halfway full. In order to reach the max amount, I literally had to empty my mug of all ice, fill it up, dump about half of it out, then fill it up again, at which time I received this message. IMG_6186When I tried to get more drink at this point, this screen appeared. IMG_61872 minutes and 14 seconds. That’s it. Then I could start again. And if I can drink a cup and a half of soda and desperately need more in under 2 minutes and 14 seconds…I may need to seek medical help…or just drink water, which is free and unlimited on the Rapid Fill machines.

See? No. Big. Deal.

The coffee, tea, and hot chocolate machines are not Rapid Fill machines, so they are unlimited just as they always were. Although, even if they weren’t, I can’t imagine it being wise to guzzle a whole hot beverage in under 2 minutes and 14 seconds, either!

As for re-using your mug, they can be reactivated on a separate trip, but I am unaware of any pricing discount in doing so. In which case, I’d just prefer the new mug.

So have any of you used the new Rapid Fill system? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Especially any from folks who have stayed at the value resorts where the system has been in place a bit longer.

With love, Malorie

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