Bouquets of Balloons


Some of my favorite pictures of Main Street USA are those that include the balloon vendors. This year, I took a few of my own shots to take home and play with. I’m not a photographer, nor expert editor, but it was still fun crafting my own pictures of the bouncy balloon bouquets that glide up and down the streets of Magic Kingdom.

IMG_8955 IMG_8951 IMG_8945

It was very windy the night I captured these photos. Tim waited patiently while I stooped under the billowing bunches trying to get pictures. The young, male cast member clutching them said he was glad I was taking pleasure from his pain. He looked like he could fly away with them at any moment. IMG_8947 IMG_8954The past two trips we have bought one of these expensive and temporary souvenirs on the last day of our stay. Even given the hefty price tag {$10-$12/pop}, they are actually very durable and last quite a while. Ours is still bobbing above our mantle right this minute. IMG_6208Well, it’s a little more deflated than the night we bought it…but then again, we are too. {Womp, womp!}

Counting down the days until our March trip! Next time, I think I want yellow.

With love, Malorie

4 thoughts on “Bouquets of Balloons

  1. FYI if your balloon pops while at the park they will replace for free no questions asked. We got one for our kiddo at DLR and within 5 minutes it hit a sharp cactus by Pirates. A team member came by and told us this nice policy. In fact we had three tell us before we made it back to Main Street. The new one lasted the rest of the trip. Best $8 spent on kids happiness at the park.

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