Lorelai’s Room


Yes. I’m still pregnant.

And as for your second question: Look up any symptom or level of discomfort that a woman can have during the third trimester of her third pregnancy, and that’s how I feel.

Now that we have that out of the way, I wanted to let you know that we’ve officially finished Lorelai’s room! I’ve had many requests for sneak peeks, but due to the slow progress and, let’s be honest, the extreme fatigue laziness on my part, I’ve only just now gotten around to taking pictures to share. So here ya go! IMG_9644

As for theming, I knew I wanted it to be feminine and light, but not so girly-frou-frou that you’re overwhelmed by ruffles and bubble gum pink prints the moment you step inside. I definitely wanted it Disney inspired, but not slap-you-silly-Cinderella with wall decals and stuffed castle mobiles. I think we struck the perfect balance for us. PicMonkey Collage

We went with a grey and ballet-pink {think more peachy, than baby pastel} color scheme, with gold accents throughout. It’s amazing how far a can of gold spray paint can go!IMG_9657The bedding was actually handmade by my mom! I love it. She hit the nail right on the head in what we were looking for, and it is so much more special having come from Grandma versus Pottery Barn Kids. LorelaiRoomNot only were we blessed by the bedding, but we were also given two other generous gifts for Lorelai’s room; a gorgeous chandelier {shown above, in the first picture} and an amazing Thomas Kinkade frame. The chandelier was a gift from a recently wed couple at our church, Ashley and Adam. They used it for their wedding ceremony, but said they had no place for it now and would love for us to have it. Flabbergasted! What a gift! The Thomas Kinkade frame came from Terri, another friend {and co-worker of Tim’s} from church. She said she was looking to re-frame the art and gave us the beautifully ornate frame in which it previously resided. It works perfectly in the room and is just what I was envisioning for the artwork we were wanting. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to both parties!IMG_9662

As for the artwork, it is a phenomenal piece of photography by Tom Bricker. Oh. My. Word. We love Tom’s work and have always wanted to own some of his prints for our home. In our tiny, Crooked Little House we didn’t have the wall space to justify, but now that we have moved, we are looking forward to collecting a few of our favorite shots. We just so happened to start in Lorelai’s room. We knew we wanted it to be of Magic Kingdom, and we were pretty sure we wanted it to incorporate the castle, so we debated between this one, and this one, and I really loved this one, but we finally settled on this one, because it was so soft and serene and the golden sunrise just really picked up what we were puttin’ down in the space.

I am no photographer, so I can promise that my photograph of his photograph does it absolutely no justice. The print quality is fantastic and it is just perfect for what we wanted. It’s an eye-catcher and conversation piece from the moment you walk into the room. Love. Love. LOVE!LorelaiShelfI filled her shelves with some gifts she received and a few of my favorite things that I hope become some of her favorite things. The horses are favorite things of my younger sister that she swears will become one of Lorelai’s favorite things. To that, this highly allergic mother says…we shall see. As for decor, they fit quite nicely, though, don’t you think?


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Why Lorelai Noel, of course, who sleeps so sound within these walls.

With love, Malorie

4 thoughts on “Lorelai’s Room

  1. Perfect room for our little princess! I am so exited for Lorelai to arrive! She is one very blessed little baby to have you and Tim as parents, and Jack and Cole for her brothers….. Love, love, love how her room turned out!

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