One Month In

We’re aliiiiive!

Even better than that, we’re thriving. Don’t take my blogging absence as a sign of chaos and struggle; more as a blissful busy, in which I am trying to sort out a new normal when it comes to my typical day.

Well, our baby girl is here. And not only that, she is already one. month. old.

Wait, what?IMG_7423 We’re pretty in love.

As of now, she’s still just a little floppy blob of goodness. We occasionally get a few smiles, and recently we’re suspicious that they are starting to be on purpose and not just because that last burp felt sooo gooood. She is up to sleeping ten hours at night {praise the Lord!} and that makes us elated in light of our rapidly approaching WDW trip. IMG_7431

As for big brothers, they have adapted well. They L.O.V.E. love her. A little too much, in-fact.

“Jack get off of her.”

“Cole, be gentle!”

“Get out of her face.”

“She doesn’t need her pacie right now.”

“I know she’s crying.”

“Get out of her face. Get out of her face. GET OUT OF HER FACE!”


Yes, they just love her.

We all do. Life as a family of five, thus far, has been great. We are looking forward to how little Lorelai is going to fit and find her place in our ohana in the weeks, months, and years to come.

With love, Malorie

3 thoughts on “One Month In

  1. So happy to see this blog. The children are precious! Lorelai is so pretty! Can’t believe she already one month old. The Elrods are a wonderful family.

  2. I can not imagine life without her….. I only wish I could visit more often…. And I am looking forward to my 1st Disney trip with her!

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