House Hunters Epcot: The Butterfly Garden

IMG_8103During the Flower & Garden Festival, Epcot has an exhibit called the Butterfly Garden. I love it. IMG_0128Walking through, I am not only lost in thought of the homeschool teaching potential {my kids happen to know every word of The Hungry Little Caterpillar by heart, so getting to see a butterfly break from it’s cocoon is amazing}, but dreamer-me gets wrapped up in the fantasy of my life as a fairy.

If I were a fairy…


I’d live in a place exactly like the Butterfly Garden {only on much more acreage, not in a tent, and no humans to gawk at me}. I’d be friends with the butterflies.


As for my home, well there are options. {Let’s keep it classy and do this House Hunters style.}

Listed at $200 option number one is a quaint, old kettle. Rich in history, it’s roomy interior possesses the faint smell of earl grey with a spot of cream. The spout works as excellent ventilation for the wood burning stove, and the attic, with it’s exterior charm reminiscent of a pinecone, provides all the space you could wish! Enough to hide away sentimental trinkets, while still sparing room for a reading nook and guest quarters…but watch out for those moving staircases! Hogwarts wasn’t the first to have them! Last {but not least!}, take note of the outdoor amenities; a work table and rock garden that would flutter any tinker’s wings.


Located just outside of Butterfly Gardens, option number two is listed at $4 and is a sweet little spot. So sweet, in fact, you could lick the walls! This whitewashed sugar dish turned over centuries ago, but has provided shelter to many weary travelers. Simple, and one roomed, this sugary fort is cozy and warm; perfect for the hibernating introvert.


Listed at $5,260,998, option number three is updated and trendy. This craftsman cottage offers breathtaking 360 degree views of Butterfly Gardens from it’s high-standing stump. It’s earthy exterior reflects all of the warmth the home has to offer indoors. Move-in-ready, this is the perfect home if you wish to kick up your feet and enjoy the world around you. Free from scrubbing thimbles and sweeping floors, this modern home’s association fees include daily housekeeping provided by Betterfly Cleaning Services, the Better Way to Keep Tidy.

IMG_8118So, which shall it be, for fairy me?

Is it house number one: old but charming and roomy?

House number two: small but sweet?

Or house number three: modern and impressive, but obviously on the top end of the budget?

{Insert several anxious glances in differing camera angles here.}

Fairy Me: I think I’m going to go with option number one!

{Cue happy, upbeat music.}

Who can pass up the charm and excitement of living in an old kettle. The scent of earl grey {with a spot of cream!} and the reading nook sealed the deal for me.

So which home would Fairy You choose? IMG_8122

With love, Malorie




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