Our Own Little Tee-Tee, I mean, Tiki Room

One Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, Tim woke up, stretched {elbows in my face…king sized bed, but always elbows in my face!}, and let out a dragon-breath, “Good morning. Hey, lets paint the guest bathroom today!”

We love our house so stinkin’ much, but when we moved in, every room {minus one Pepto Bismol-pink bedroom} was a boring Knit Knots shade of beige. Over time, we have gradually been adding our touch to the rooms; a gallon of Dark Granite here, a of quart of Ballet Slipper Pink there…

We are definitely not Knit Knots beige kinda people.

We had no idea what direction we wanted to go, decor-wise, in the guest bathroom, so we browsed the paint aisle at Home Depot pulling up both the boldest and safest of color swatches.

“Hello, Diane! Take a look at these swatches!”

Tim had been wanting to paint a room bright green for the longest of time. He presented me with a Baer swatch called Herbal Garden. Not bad, not bad. But bright. “Hooooow about we add chair rail molding and paint the bottom white?” Much to my surprise, he agreed! Eureka!

We played an Adventureland music loop that day, as we nail-gunned molding and slopped the bright, hippie-green paint on the walls. As we worked, we became inspired.IMG_0365 IMG_0370

Welcome to our Tee-Tee, I mean, Tiki Room! The tribal-esk shower curtain and espresso stained, bamboo floor mat are from Target.


We ordered this print from photographer Mark Willard. It features the group of water-sqirting Tiki men that stand huddled between the Magic Carpets of Aladdin and the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland. It’s entitled the Leaky Tikis and is appropriately perched above the toilet, because we Elrods are not above making a good potty joke.


{Oh, never mind that bunny. That’s just some poorly placed Easter decor.} The next two Enchanted Tiki Room prints were ordered off of Ebay and gifted to us by my mom. She ordered only one, but the seller threw in two for the price of one!


Guests can hang their towels on the rack between the door to the hall and the en suite door to the guest bedroom.


We chose this shelf from Home Depot because the hardware straps added a Pirates of the Caribbean feel to us. The green glass cup is from a local antique store, and the Tiki souvenir cup can be purchased in Adventureland! I stacked some rolled-up, white washcloths to give it more of a Disney resort feel.

IMG_0385We are super pleased with how it turned out. Our family tends to spend the night often, so it’s nice to be able to offer them a more inviting space when they stay. However, I am tempted to ask myself, as our house grows more and more Disney in style, is our love of Disney becoming a sickness?

I think I’m okay if the answer is yes.

With love, Malorie

P.S. Bonus points to those who picked up on my movie quote and kids’ television references.


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