Summer of ReFUNishing

Clap your hands, happy dance, and throw some confetti; it’s finally starting to feel like summer around here!

We’ve had the windows and doors wide open, letting in the sunshine and warm breezes, and with them drifts in an internal sense of refreshment. Breathe in deep. Smell that slight scent of honeysuckle and lemonade? That’s it. Out with the cobwebby thoughts of winter. A renewed mind and spirit have taken over and I’ve been in the mood to renew a few things around me, as well. Thus, I have made a summer to-do list of things that have been sitting in the back of my mind, in need of a little dusting and a fresh coat of paint. Those things are as follows:

~ An EAT sign that hangs over our pantry door.

~ Tim’s old school desk.

~ The rocking chair my mom used to rock me when I was a wee babe.

~ A child’s rocking chair handed down to us from dear friends.

~ An old side table.

~ Our dining room chairs.

~ And perhaps a few other things that I’ve yet to find hidden amongst the dusty boxes of my mind’s attic.

Today I finished the first. The old school desk. IMG_0505

Rusty and dusty, but still study and useful, I’ve been wanting to return it to it’s youth for a while. After a good scrubbing, sanding, and several coats of paint it’s definitely youthful-looking, if nothing else. IMG_0519I used paints leftover from old projects; the turquoise is from our master bedroom at the old house, the white is a sturdy paint-and-primer-in-one trim paint, and the writing table has a chalkboard finish. I like it, and I can guarantee that it will get a whole lot of love from a new generation. {See, I’ve done this nifty thing of tricking my kids into thinking learning is fun…Shh! Don’t tell them otherwise!} Plus I just love this picture because my house just looks so clean and bright and perfect….but wait for it…

…waaaait for it….IMG_0521

that’s the other angle. At least the desk still looks nice.

So the house is a bit strewed. At least my mind’s attic of projects forgotten and neglected is being cleaned out, yes?

With love, Malorie

3 thoughts on “Summer of ReFUNishing

  1. Glad the rocking chair is in the works of your mind…. I know the seating needs to be recovered and some screws tightened. Also, you still have the baby rocking chair your grandpa gave you in my upstairs that you could love on too….❤️

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