10 Cups of Coffee: Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. 

Day 7: We were on the road early in the morning, going to visit my MeMama, so my cup ‘o Joe was my usual vanilla Pike Place with cream and one sugar in the raw from Starbucks…

Day 6: Due to sickness, I slept in and only drank half a cup of coffee before trading it in for an Airborne and a hot toddy.

Day 5: Sundays are always busy when your husband works for a church, but I did have my countdown coffee in a blue Disney World RapidFill mug. I was feeling a bit better. Praise Jesus for vitamin C and whisky. I prefer non-medicinal remedies.

Day 4: I’m feeling even better, though still a bit sluggish, physically. I’m really hoping this caffeinated pumpkin does the trick, because there is a lot to do in preparation for vacation in just four days. Not to mention mom’s group, small group, homeschool pre-k, and all that other everyday life stuff.

photo-12But this little pumpkin cup makes me so excited to tackle my To-Do list. I love going to Disney in September and seeing all of the fall decor. It always puts me in the mood to change over to my fall decor at home, too.

Have you ever visited Disney in the fall?

With love, Malorie


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