The Princess Half Marathon and a Little Mommy Guilt


My latest RunDisney Instagram post. 5.5 miles on a treadmill. Yuck.

We have just over a month until our next Elrods Go Disney getaway! This trip, however, is the first one ever that I’m not necessarily wishing to get here sooner.

It’s that little you-have-to-run-a-half-marathon thing that’s keeping me from my usual paper chain traditions.

Overall, though, I am really excited and feeling very motivated. Do I feel completely prepared to run 13.1 miles? No. But do I feel confident that I can {maybe at a tortoise speed} and that I am going to have an amazing time doing so? Yes!

I’m a mostly-melancholy personality, which means I’m a people-pleasing perfectionist, and I am my harshest judge. I keep feeling tempted to tear myself down in my training progress, but then I remind myself of the initial goal: just to say I’ve done it. To conquer it, no matter how long it takes. To make it across the finish line, even if I’m the very last one. When I set my mind on more realistic goals, I feel much more motivated and excited about it. IMG_1588

Aside from just participating in a race weekend, this trip, as a whole, is going to be so different from our past trips. For one, it is just going to be Tim, Jack, and I in attendance. Crazy! I’m totally battling good mom/bad mom feelings over this. I am okay with leaving Lorelai behind with the grands for a weekend, but I feel horrible about having to leave Cole.

He is going to be devastated.

He is definitely at the age where he knows Disney and can remember our trips. He will know where we’re going and what we’re doing and it will be hard to hide that from him. On top of it all, he and Jack are rarely separated, so he’s probably going to have a hard adjustment not having his best buddy to fall back on when he’s feeling homesick for Mommy and Daddy.

Treats. Wonderful treats will be brought home for this boy. Okay, probably just some Mickey-shaped rice-cripsy treats. But those are still pretty wonderful.

With love, Malorie

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