Adoption Fundraising Update!

As crazy as it is, it is already August. We have been in official adoption mode for eight months now.

Eight months ago, we decided to send in the initial application.

Eight months ago, we were brainstorming how in the world we were going to be able afford growing our family in this way.

Eight months ago, we gave it to the Lord and said, “If this is where you’re leading, we are trusting you to provide the way.”

And He has. He really, really has.

As of today, we only have $3,777 left to raise in our minimum fee of $22,500!

Photo on 8-8-15 at 2.17 PM #2People have been so generous to our family over the past eight months, giving beyond what we would have ever expected or imagined. Not that we haven’t been busting it, either. I’ve made close to one hundred growth charts, and sold close to twenty hand-drawn canvases. Every time my neck was killing me from looking down for so long, or my nails were stained brown at church on Sunday because I had torn through two latex gloves the day before, staining growth charts, I would smile and think, “It is all going to be worth it when I am holding that baby. And this baby is going to know how much we worked for them because we love them and want them.”

So here’s the point: Despite my immeasurable gratitude, I’m ready to be there. I’m ready to be done with fundraising because Tim and I have big plans for my growth chart and art sales down the road {more exciting news to come!}, and I’m not going to lie, if we could begin our journey as a Waiting Family {which should start around August 21st} as a fully funded family, knowing that anytime we are chosen by a birthmother, we will be ready to hand over our finalization fee stress free, that would be…beyond any word I could choose to give it.



Absolutely and unexpectedly astonishing!

So here’s my action plan: I’d love for you to participate in any way to feel compelled or comfortable with.

  1. Spread the word! Share our YouCaring site. We only have $3,777 left to raise!
  2. Get crazy in the crafting department! Want to order a growth chart? Have something pinned on Pinterest that you’d love to have made into a canvas? Email me! Let’s get it done! {}IMG_2325IMG_3908
  3. Throw a party! A jewelry party, that is. I’ve gathered together some emails and addresses, so you may have an invite coming your way. But if not, our generous friend Holly is throwing a Stella & Dot party and all jewelry sales will go towards our adoption fund. So get to shopping ladies!
  4. Take some pictures! Enter a photo session raffle today and you could WIN a photoshoot with Snap Savvy Photography! One entry is $5 and five entries is $20. This is a $350 value you could be winning, people! Contact Paige at (770) 833-6174 to purchase your entry. And again, all proceeds go to our adoption! Do we have the best friends, or what?
  5. Go to Disney! Seriously! If you book a Disney vacation with Julie Lindeman, she will give a portion of her earnings to our adoption. And booking through her is no extra cost to you! Just email her at Once again, our friends rock!

We are so excited, and so honored to have been able to witness God’s provision in such a tangible and timely way. We wish we could return ten-fold what so many have already given to us. Maybe someday we will be able to do that.

Until then, let’s get to work! Only $3,777 left to raise! 

With love, Malorie

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