Introducing Elrods Go…


Hello, friends! Long time, no see!

Several years ago, I started blogging as a hobby, just to share my thoughts on motherhood as my children grew faster than the weeds in my flowerbeds. Soon after, my blog took a magical turn and I began sharing our Disney love and knowledge with fellow Disney fans.

After our adoption process, I got swept up in the everyday life as a homeschooling mom-of-four and my blog got brushed to the side. Now, as we transition into a new stage of life, I am ready to get back to sharing our story with family and friends, both old and new. We are branching out, embracing our transformations, and we are thrilled to introduce…

Elrods Go.jpg

If you’re new here, as you scroll through these older posts, be aware that some of them are outdated. I will be taking time over the next month to update old Disney information, catch up on telling our adoption story, and share more about what’s going on in the lives of the Everyday Elrods.

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I’m so excited to be back in the saddle of blogging and vlogging and sharing our story. We  believe that sharing stories is a powerful tool to impacting the world. Big change can come from the everyday choices in our everyday lives…

We are the Elrods. And we’re back. Here we go…

With love + great expectations, Mal


2 thoughts on “Introducing Elrods Go…

  1. Waaaah! I cannot believe you are back! Sending much love from across the pond, I couldn’t believe it when this notification popped into my inbox!

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