Top 5 Disney Resorts To Be At in the Rain


Being located in Central Florida, it is not uncommon to experience a rainstorm while visiting Walt Disney World. We have been stuck in our fair share of showers while visiting the Main Mouse, and have been everything from totally prepared with our ponchos and stroller rain covers, to running for refuge in gift shops and using extra large shopping bags to keep us dry[ish] while getting from point A to point B!


In light of Hurricane Irma furiously making her way towards The Place Where Dreams Come True, Tim and I got to thinking about which resorts we would prefer to be stuck at if we were caught in a terrible storm while on vacation. Click here to see which resorts made the cut in our newest YouTube video.

Which Disney resort would you like to be stuck at in the rain? Let us know in the comments below!

With love, Mal


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