We Survived Hurricane Irma and All We Got Was a Magic Cookie Bar

We live just southwest of the metro Atlanta area, so for days we’ve been warned by meteorologists to hunker down and prepare for the worst as Hurricane Irma downgrades into a tropical storm and sweeps through our state. You know us Georgians, we know how to prepare for the worst. 

All the bread.

All the milk.

And apparently this time…all the snacks? I saw many of our social media friends stocking up their pantries with chips and candy bars. I had no idea this was a thing. I can be soooo behind the times. 

Well, we got our standard double loaf of bread from BJ’s and an extra bottle of water for our water cooler, but we skipped the milk because we don’t drink it. We pulled in all of our patio furniture and hoped for the best.

We spent all day long curled up on the couch, 

playing Mexican Train,


and Tim even whipped up his homemade chicken noodle soup! Mmm….

I worked out,

and we let the kids watch YouTube videos and play video games to their hearts’ content, assuming that we’d inevitably lose power. 

We waited and we waited until our waiters were sore. And they we all thought of something we hadn’t before…

Okay. I’ll stop rhyming with Grinch references, but essentially, nothing happened. 

By 5pm Tim was more antsy than a kid in Goofy’s Candy Company, so we ventured out into the great unknown {aka. Newnan} to see if we were the only ones to have missed the damage. One felled tree and a couple of strown branches were all we saw on our way to the local Taco Mac, where Tim promptly ordered the cider flight while Lorelai cried for the toys in the claw machine.

After dinner, our Disney-nostalgic sweet tooth took us to Target where we proceeded to buy all of the ingredients to The Roaring Fork’s Magic Cookie Bars. They just came out of the oven and they look and smell marvelous!

So, I guess we’re the lucky ones. We’ve seen friends within a thirty mile radius posting that they are without power and we’re over here baking Magic Cookie Bars! 

Overall, we’re thankful that everyone we know and love is safe. We’re continuing to pray for those that lost much to the devastation in Texas, Florida, and some parts of Georgia. This has been one heck of a hurricane season!

But as for us, well, we’re considering getting t-shirts made that say We Survived Hurricane Irma and All We Got Was a Magic Cookie Bar. 

With love, Mal 

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