A Disneyland Halloween

As you know, Tim is now a full-time travel agent with Travelmation LLC, and he specializes in Disney Destinations. 2017 has not only been a big year for us in profession, but also in Disney vacationing! Tim booked us our first ever trip to Disneyland this summer to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, and he just took another trip out to the Happiest Place on Earth with his fellow travel agent friend, Alston, this September.

While Tim and I were there this summer, we had such a great time spotting all the differences between Disneyland and Walt Disney World. But this September, Tim got to see even more differences in the way the two parks celebrate the holidays!

Ever since we were married in 2007, Tim and I have vacationed in Walt Disney World every September, so seeing the Magic Kingdom, and parts of the other three parks, decked out in pumpkins and fall decor is something we are very used to experiencing. We adore all the not-so-scary adornments that garnish the storefronts of Main Street USA and it’s sister parks.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 7.42.36 AM

However, when it comes to Halloween embellishments, the spooks end at a moderate amount of decorations, themed snacks, and new merchandise. Walt Disney World has zero ride or land overlays during it’s Halloween holiday festivities. Not so in Disneyland, and Tim was so stoked to be able to check out all the spooky fun of the west coast in person!




In addition to the well-placed pumpkin and and themed snack items, Disneyland goes above and beyond during the fall. Space Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, and Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout get complete ride overlays including brand new storylines, music, and according to Tim, even new smells!

Space Mountain’s overlay is pretty straight forward; a spookier soundtrack and some projections of ghosts are the only changes you’ll experience as you speed through space. 

Jack Skellington takes up residence at the Haunted Mansion during the holidays, and his Halloween-meets-Christmas overlay results in an almost completely different ride experience! As you pass by the Grand Ballroom scene in the Haunted Mansion, Oogie Boogie has taken over the party and a gingerbread house sits on the long dining table while the scrumptious smell of gingerbread fills the air. Where dancers once twirled and swirled around an empty dance floor, they now circle around the bottom of a huge dead Christmas tree. So much detail!



As for Mission Breakout, each evening starting at 5pm, it becomes Monsters After Dark, where monsters have taken over and Baby Groot was left behind during the escape! Now you join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy and act as bait for the deadly beasts while Rocket and his friends save Baby Groot. Check out the ride through here! Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 8.23.20 AM.pngIn addition to the spooktacular delights of the ride overlays, all of Cars Land gets a Halloween tune up full of spooky details, while the stars of the popular films show up in their best Halloween costumes for meet and greets!  fullsizeoutput_1130





Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 8.34.29 AM.png

Needless to say, we think that Disneyland wins the Halloween contest, hands down. Our next trip to visit the west coast magic isn’t until next June, but I am so excited to plan trips within the next couple of years to see all of the Disneyland fall {and hopefully Christmas!} fun for myself.

Have you visited Disneyland during the holidays? Tell us about it! We’d love to hear your trip reports.

With love, Mal

If you’re interested in getting a free, no-obligations quote on a Disneyland vacation so you can experience the Happiest Place on Earth for yourself, email tim@travelmation.net. 

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    • I know! I hope that they start expanding overlays in Disney World, as well. One day our families will get to a Disney park together…one day…

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