25 Days of Christmas Memories

Just like many others, the span between Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day is my most favorite time of the year. We see family and friends that we haven’t seen in a while, we eat delicious foods, and our house becomes more beautiful with lit garland draped over furniture, vintage Santas and snowmen sitting about on table tops and bookshelves, and of course, the glow of our Christmas tree.

Last year we were between houses at this time, so by the time we moved into our home mid-December, we hastily threw the tree up and called it a season. This year however, we put our tree up the first week in November. I think we all felt like we needed a little Christmas redemption after last year’s last minute, half-hearted attempt at decorating. And as we pulled out all of our beloved ornaments to fill it’s boughs, I felt a sentimental welling inside my chest as I unwrapped each one and found the perfect branch on which to hang it.

Our tree is pretty. It is. But it’s no Macy’s special. Nothing matches, except the fact that it’s only white lights. It has no theme except Random. Or maybe Love. Or probably Memory.

Each ornament holds a thought, a memory of auld lang syne, and as I hang it up, I can feel it, see it…hear it, smell it, taste it. So this year, I thought I would share some of those memories with you.

Each day leading up to Christmas, I will post a picture of one ornament with a little story about why we have it or what it means to me. I hope you enjoy taking a peek inside my home, my tree, my heart. And as you relate to a story, or as one of my memories sparks one of yours, I hope you will share it with me; either in the comments here, or on one of my social media pages.

I believe the best thing we can share at the holidays are not things that can be bought in a store, but rather things shared from the heart.

Hope you see you again tomorrow!

With love, Mal

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