🎄Day 1: A Silver, Sparkly Forever

You know how people will say, “This picture just doesn’t do it justice”? Well, I think this picture does it too much justice, kind of like selfies on Instagram {thank you, portrait mode}.

It’s super lightweight because it’s made of styrofoam with a silver, plastic cap. It’s rough to the touch because of all of the sparkly glitter that was glued on over three decades ago.

This December marks 32 years since my parents said I do in a small church ceremony and this sparkly bauble was one of their first ornaments on their first Christmas trees. When I moved out, I took one with me, and it reminds me that no marriage is perfect, but it can be forever.

With love, Mal

One thought on “🎄Day 1: A Silver, Sparkly Forever

  1. Thanks for making us your first ornament memory this month! Your dad and I love you so much and cherish all the Christmases throughout the years….

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