🎄 Day 6: “Why, you’re Don Lockwood!”

Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain. And all the girls swooooooon…

My MeMama {my grandmother on my father’s side} made sure that I was brought up on good, classic movies and musicals, and Singing in the Rain is one of the first I remember watching and falling in love with as a child. My mother loves old films, too, and Singing in the Rain is one that we can practically quote word for word.

If you’ve never seen Singing in the Rain, make it one of your 2018 goals to remedy that. Even if you are not one for classic movies, this movie is entertaining for all. It’s a hilarious, sappy, and all-around feel good film.

So when Christmas comes around each year, I love hanging up my tiny little Don Lockwood while humming a few verses of Singing in the Rain (in A-Flat). 😉 It makes my heart smile.

With love, Mal

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