🎄Day 8: Neverland Dreams

Peter Pan.

I have several Peter Pan ornaments, but this particular one was gifted to me by my bestie.

Peter Pan has been a part of me for I don’t know how long. I can’t remember not being in love with the idea of Neverland; pirates and Indians, mermaid lagoons, endless adventures, and a boy that never grows up. I remember staring out my bedroom window into a clear night sky as a child, wondering which star was second to the right of another and wishing Peter Pan would fly to my window and ask me to do his spring cleaning. {I dared not clean my own room at that age, but I would in an instant sweep the dirt floors, wash chipped dishes, and air out the animal-skinned rugs of the underground hideout that was home to the Lost Boys!}

The first version I ever watched was the Mary Martian made-for-tv musical. Later, I included the Disney version, and soon after, the full novel by JM Barrie. I’ve seen just about every adaptation ever made, and read all of the sequels ever written, which haven’t always been to my liking. I am quite the snob and find all of the inconsistencies between versions, one namely being which hand Captain Hook lost to the belly of the crocodile. {It was his right hand, by the way, Mr. Disney.}

Either way, through the years, Peter Pan has meant a lot to me; mostly reminding me to embrace who I am and to keep dreaming. But he’s also shown me that the longing in my soul for home where adventures are abundant, comrades are plentiful, and the sights and sounds are beyond your wildest imagination is just an indication that I was made for such a place, and that that place is waiting for me in Heaven.

Our minds cannot even fathom the perfect home He has in store for us…even the minds of silly dreamers like me.

With love, Mal

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