๐ŸŽ„Day 9: A Happy-Peppy Ornament

“Are you unpoopular?! Do you pop out at parties?!”

I Love Lucy is one of the all time greatest television shows to air on national TV and Lucille Ball never ceases to make me giggle, or heck, down right belly laugh. I Love Lucy was a love that my Nanny and I shared, so each year she would get me I Love Lucy ornaments and Barbies.

This ornament is one of my favorites. When you push the middle dial, the TV screen lights up and Lucy gives the drunkest version of her Vitameatavegamin monologue to the roar of live-recorded laughter.

Growing up a little girl that loved film, television, and the craft of acting, Lucille Ball was an inspiration that girls can do anything, it’s okay to act silly, no matter your age, and that we should always embrace who we truly are {bright red hair, animated personality, and ALL}.

With love, Mal

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