About the Elrods


Hi, there! We’re the Elrods; Tim, Malorie, Jack, Cole, Lorelai, and Mason.

We were both raised taking Disney vacations, so when we married in 2007, making Disney vacations a part of our family culture just came naturally. We were married for two years before being blessed with the coolest kids ever. Three of them are biological and our fourth little booger came to our family through the miracle of adoption. We have a very open domestic adoption and we love sharing our story, experiences, and insights.

Our favorite everyday things include Jesus, family, friends, fitness, living a holistic lifestyle, and of course, coffee.

Our favorite Disney things include long stays at deluxe Disney resorts, Mickey pretzels, and casual strolls down Main Street (in Disney World OR Disneyland…we love them both)!

Thank you for following along with all of our adventures! We love sharing our lives with others, so whether we are going Disney, adoption, fitness, or just LIFE, we are so glad to see you here.

With love, Tim +Malorie


3 thoughts on “About the Elrods

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  2. Hey Malorie, I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a disney website for my daughter, and I loved reading your family stories. I have to admit since being a mother of two, my husband and I haven’t even had a night away just the two of us in over four years! Your husbands suprise trip to Disney was inspiring and I am going to make a point of going on a trip just with my husband soon. It is definitely long overdue. So anyways thanks for the reminder. You have a beautiful family…God Bless!

    • Aw! Thank you, Barbara! So glad to have inspired you to take time away with your hubby {to WDW or not}. Even though it was only a couple of days, it was so refreshing for us, and we have only been married 5 years! Thanks for reading along with us!

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