10 Cups of Coffee: 1 Day!

Today we are celebrating our last day at home before Disney with Mickey waffles!photo 4Well, if I’m being honest with you, these really turn out more like pancakes than waffles…but tomorrow we will be living it up in the place that sells the real deal.

photo 3And for all of you Disney gurus that like to bash the quality of the official Mickey waffle, the Elrods happen to love the crunchy-outside, chewy-inside, almost-flavorless-until-covered-in-syrup face of the mouse behind the magic. They’re nostalgic. They’re classic. They’re gonna be in my belly in just a couple of days!

photo 1-2

And just so you know, I don’t always eat the ears first.

With love, Malorie

10 Cups of Coffee: 2 Days!


Today I am longing to walk the breezeway between Bay Lake Tower and the Contemporary. I want the hustle and bustle of happy families in cheesy, matching shirts and tacky walking shoes, preparing for their day at the park as I stroll down the aisle of gift shops to my left and right on the way to the Comtempo Cafe. I want the sound of monorails whooshing overhead as I enjoy a breakfast bounty platter and a RapidFill mug full of terrible coffee.

That kind of morning is far from the morning I’ve had today, but I can feel it. I can taste it. It is so close!

With love, Malorie


10 Cups of Coffee: 3 Days and Some Britney Spears Motivation

Tim isn’t coming home until after the kids go to bed tonight. It’s just Mommy and kiddos from sun up to sun down.

Shortly after leaving the house, Tim sent me this picture in a text message.brittanyspears

Cute, right? About twenty minutes later, Cole puked all over the couch.

I will punch anyone square on the nose if they say being a stay-at-home mom is an easy job. Well, probably not. But I might give it a good hard flick.3Days

So, this cup of coffee went cold as I showered the two-year-old, removed the couch cushion covers that could be washed, and scrubbed and sanitized the ones that couldn’t. All the while, the four-year-old begged for his second piece of peanut butter toast and the eight-month-old crawled around into undesignated areas.

If Britney Spears can get through 2007, I can get through today.

Just breathe.

In other news, the boys are two sets of jammies away from being completely packed, baby girl is only bottles and formula away from being completely packed, and I’ve pulled out most of what I want to pack for myself! We have three days to get our act together, folks. Three. Days.

I might have lost it and shaved my head by then, but here’s hoping I make it to Disney, long locks in tact.

With love, Malorie

10 Cups of Coffee: Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. 

Day 7: We were on the road early in the morning, going to visit my MeMama, so my cup ‘o Joe was my usual vanilla Pike Place with cream and one sugar in the raw from Starbucks…

Day 6: Due to sickness, I slept in and only drank half a cup of coffee before trading it in for an Airborne and a hot toddy.

Day 5: Sundays are always busy when your husband works for a church, but I did have my countdown coffee in a blue Disney World RapidFill mug. I was feeling a bit better. Praise Jesus for vitamin C and whisky. I prefer non-medicinal remedies.

Day 4: I’m feeling even better, though still a bit sluggish, physically. I’m really hoping this caffeinated pumpkin does the trick, because there is a lot to do in preparation for vacation in just four days. Not to mention mom’s group, small group, homeschool pre-k, and all that other everyday life stuff.

photo-12But this little pumpkin cup makes me so excited to tackle my To-Do list. I love going to Disney in September and seeing all of the fall decor. It always puts me in the mood to change over to my fall decor at home, too.

Have you ever visited Disney in the fall?

With love, Malorie


10 Cups of Coffee Countdown: 8 Days!

Ask me how do you get to Tomorrowland


Close your eyes, make a wish, and you’re there…

Close your eyes…make a wish…and you’re…


Okay, so An Affair to Remember isn’t a Disney movie, but this is the song that came to mind this morning as I sipped my countdown cup of coffee. And honestly, I think it’s quite appropriate.


Eight days and counting!

With love, Malorie

10 Cups of Coffee Countdown: 9 Days!


Goooooood morning, Disney goers! We Elrods have nine days until our next Disney vacation!

As you know, we also make a countdown chain for each trip. Every time we tear off a link, we do a silly little song and dance. We then take turns saying what we are most excited about that day and sing separate verses in the same tune about that day’s Disney happy thought. For example:

[tears off link]

All [skipping]: We’re gonna go to Disney World,

Disney World,

Disney World!

We’re gonna go to Disney World,

When all our chains are gone…

Me: Cole, what are you excited about today?

Cole: Pirates!

All: We’re gonna ride on Pirates,



We’re gonna ride on Pirates,

When all our chains are gone…

Told you it was silly.

Today, my Disney happy thoughts are waking up to Mickey waffles and bacon at the Contempo Cafe, and snagging a front car of the People Mover and kicking my feet up for a relaxing ride with Lorelai on my lap.

What are you most excited about for your next Disney trip? I’d be glad to sing a verse for you.

With love, Malorie

10 Cups of Coffee is Back

It has already been quite the morning around here.

Cole woke up too stinkin’ early, crawled into bed next to me, and kept whispering a morning breath “Mama…Mama…” into my face. Tim pulled me out of bed a half an hour earlier than I deem reasonable to film his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video before he left for work. And Lorelai pooped her bed. Again.

I think we need a bigger-sized diaper for nighttime.

Luckily, I caught that before Tim headed out the door, so he changed the crib sheet while I cleaned the Poopie Princess. But, needless to say, I neeeeeeeeeded a cup of coffee this morning. So much so, that I couldn’t even take the time to brew a pot. I just stumbled to the water cooler, filled a glass, and dumped in a Starbucks iced Via. As I sipped my sweetened, iced goodness, a little caffeinated happy thought came to mind…

We only have ten more days until our next Disney vacation!

So with that, I’m going to bring back my 10 Cups of Coffee Countdown. Here’s my number ten!

photo-9Ten days until I can wake up at Bay Lake Tower, have my husband by my side non-stop for eight whole days, and ride the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! Eeee!

How long until your next Disney vacation?

With love, Malorie