Here’s What We Think: Via Napoli Review

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Have you ever enjoyed a meal at Via Napoli in the World Showcase at EPCOT? We have. Twice. And as a matter of fact, we are eating there for our third time today! [insert giddy girl dance]IMG_5991 Via Napoli is tucked into the very back of the Italy pavilion and is in my humble, untravelled opinion, a very attractive facade. IMG_1660Inside the atmosphere is nice without feeling fancy, and I like that. I’m a dress-for-the-occasion kind of girl, so I always feel awkward dining in really nice places in shorts and a tank top with my hair in a sweaty ponytail. Via Napoli definitely doesn’t give off that vibe. IMG_5989 IMG_1635My favorite part of the restaurant is the wall of three wood burning fireplaces where they cook their authentic Italian pizzas. They are named after the three active volcanoes in Italy; Stromboli, Vesuvio, and Etna.

On top of having really great food, we have to admit that one of the main reasons we keep returning to Via Napoli time after time is because of the wonderful service. Both times we have dined there, we have had amazing waiters that were willing to take the time to explain menu items, tell us about their homeland {yes, the waitstaff is comprised of Italian citizens working for a stint in America}, and go above and beyond to meet our needs. When Cole was still taking a bottle, our waiter brought us hot water to heat it and asked many times throughout the meal if I needed anything else for my baby.

Even though we have visited twice, pizza was what we ordered off the menu both times. Why not? It is made from authentic Italian ingredients, including water and flour flown in from Italy for the dough! Tim loves the piccante, while I’ve had both the pepperoni and quattro formaggi. IMG_1647 IMG_1645 IMG_1644 I mean, look at that! That is a pizza! Yum-my!IMG_1642For dessert we have sampled pretty much everything on the menu; perks of riding on the free dining plan. We all order something different and then share. Tim is a fan of the Tiramisu. I love the Coppa dii Brutti Ma Buon and my parents had only good things to say about the Zeppole di Caterina. And the coffee? Well, you know the Elrods love a good cup of coffee and Via Napoli did not let us down. IMG_1651 IMG_1653 IMG_1649 IMG_1650Over all, the Elrods rate Via Napoli:ElrodRatingEars copy 3 We have never {in our whopping two times} walked away hungry or disappointed. We are not anticipating today to be any different, but if it is, you are sure to hear about it. [wink wink]

With love, Malorie

Ten Cups of Coffee: WDW or BUST!


We’re on the road! The GPS says we’re set to arrive at 11:20am; right on track for lunch at Roaring Fork and naps in our room before hitting up Magic Kingdom tonight.


And when you leave the house at 4:45am, it’s time to call in the big guns and get the real stuff. Starbucks iced coffee is our caffeinated cup of choice today!

It’s WDW or BUST!

With love, Malorie

PS. Due to the fact that I loathe this iPhone WordPress app, I will not be blogging live from our trip. I have other entries set to post, but if you’d like to follow along with our adventures this week, find and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at malyourpal and timelrod.

Ten Cups of Coffee: 1 DAY!

You’re not going to believe this. Are you ready for this?

I ran out of Disney mugs. I had to go with one of my “Rapid Fill” mugs today to keep it different.


Guess I know what one of my souvenirs is going to be!

Maybe that was unbelievable, but this shouldn’t be.photo0Okay, everybody grab your red, curly wigs and take a deep breath!

It’s only uh daaaaaaaaaaay uhhhhhhhhhhhh-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!”

And bow.

With love, Malorie

Ten Cups of Coffee: 2 DAYS!

We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty; lots of last minute loose ends to tie up. Mainly, for me, cleaning.photo2Nothing worse than coming home from WDW, unless it’s coming home from WDW to a dirty house! I always make things squeaky clean before we leave so that the only thing I have to do when we get home is laundry. It helps with the post-Disney depression.

Here’s hoping this Peter Pan cup brings me lots of energy…because right now, I’m just not feeling it.

On another exciting note, today is the day we can start booking meals for our March trip! We are planning our next trip while preparing to leave for this one! Woo-hoo! The only restaurant on my list as of right now is The Wave. Gotta get my fork on some more of those amazing sweet potato pancakes!

Hey fellow Disney-goers, got any dining suggestions? Looking for a few more spots to make reservations. Shout out some of your favs.

With love, Malorie

Ten Cups of Coffee: 3 DAYS!

photo3Today’s To-Do List:

– wash, clean out, and vacuum the van

– attempt to finish packing Tim, Jack, and I to completion

– start the “ready to load” pile {the amazing thing is that we have a guest bedroom now, so this doesn’t have to happen in our dining room anymore!}

– wrap the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh DVD we plan to surprise the boys with at our routine breakfast stop in Tifton. New entertainment for the ride; always a win.


I guess our Labor Day won’t be labor-less, but this is the kind of labor that is fun.

Happy Labor Day!

With love, Malorie

Ten Cups of Coffee: 4 DAYS!

photoHappy Funday Sunday!

I got to sit next to Stacey and Tommy {our WDW vacation companions} at church this morning, while I sipped my coffee from our Tomorrowland mug. Then afterwards, they {along with my folks} came over for lunch and the boys ran amok while Tommy made homemade jalapeño poppers! YUM! The perks of having friends who can cook!

Tim and I love this mug. We got it a couple years ago in WDW and gracefully dropped it and broke the handle off about two seconds after we got home. We sat in the floor sobbing and hugging saying, “At least we still have each other…”

After a good cry and some super glue, we decided to just use it every now and then and hold it by the cup, not the handle.

Today was every now and then. Only having four days left till your WDW vacation is a good reason to break out the fancy stuff. Or previously broken stuff. Whatever.

When everyone left to go home, it was fun being able to say, “See ya in Disney World!”

Oh man. Life is good.

With love, Malorie

Ten Cups of Coffee: 5 DAYS!

Five days! Five DAYS! FIVE DAYS! photo5
Five days and we will be at our Disney home-away-from-home! The Wilderness Lodge!

However, despite our Disney excitement, Tim informed me this morning that this is not really going to be a Disney day, but mostly a football day.


Happy Saturday and gooooooooooo Dawgs! Sic ’em! WOOF-WOOF-WOOF-WOOF!

{Cole is so cute when he does that.}

With love, Malorie


Ten Cups of Coffee: 6 DAYS!


Okay. So today’s coffee is not in a Disney mug. But when Daddy wakes up and offers to take the Ohana out for cinnamon crunch bagels on his day off, you say yes. You always say yes. And thank you!

Also on the agenda? Find Cole some sandals his toes don’t hang out of, and get the oil changed and tires rotated on the van.

Service your cars before long trips, folks!

Happy Friday! We’re almost there!!

With love, Malorie

Ten Cups of Coffee: 7 DAYS!

NEWS FLASH: Yesterday was a better day.

And today is even better because we have made it to lucky number seven!photo7We are one week away from the Happiest Place on Earth, and not only are we knocking out the days, but we are knocking out our to-do list, as well. Last night my mom-in-law came to watch the boys while Tim and I went shopping for in-room snacks and meals. This is a different beast, being DVC members and not getting our free dining plan. I feel like we’re back on the learning end. In five years we are probably going to look back on the trip and talk about how we did it all wrong. Oh well. We’ll see!

In other news, Cole is completely packed! One down, three to go!

With love, Malorie

Ten Cups of Coffee: 8 DAYS!

Holy hormones, yesterday was an awful day. Mommy-fail, I guess you could say?

After disobedience after disobedience, followed by an extremely short-lived naptime, which lead to whining and disobedience, it all fell apart after one good glass of sticky Hawaiian Punch spilled on freshly mopped floors. {And by it, I mean me.} That meant that dinner was burning as I wiped, re-mopped, and hands-n-knees-washed the mile-wide sticky spot {only to STILL have a sticky kitchen floor this morning! This is why sugar drinks are usually contraband in our house.} and I got a lovely, “Thanks for dinner, the rice was dry” from my husband.


Needless to say, I locked myself in our room from 6:45 to bedtime last night. And then slept awful.

So this cup of coffee is more than just life-juice this morning. I don’t have words for what that would be, it’s just…more.photo8
I received this cute lil cup from my mother-in-law, and although I adore adorable Minnie smiling sweet at me as I sip my something warm, I am not a fan of what the back of the cup says…

In sassy, curly-twirly lettering it claims, “It’s All About Me.”

I’ve never been a fan of merchandise that chants this selfish phrase…even in baby onesies or puppy pillows…I know. Strange. It’s just like nails on a chalkboard for me.

It is most definitely NOT all about me. It’s all about Jesus. It’s all about showing my children, the leaders of our future, the love of that same Jesus and teaching them that at the end of the day, it is NOT all about them either.

And no amount of disobedience, lost sleep, or sticky floors and dry rice dinners should cause a shift in me. A selfish shift to ME-ness.

So today as I sip my more than life-juice and seek solace in it’s yummy goodness and the forgiveness of my Savior, I will choose to be thankful for His mercies. They are new every day. They are new every moment. And even though I have already screwed up by losing my temper somewhere in paragraph five of this post over the Cheerio confetti that covered my living room floor, it’s a new day. It’s a new moment. And Jesus is giving me a Get Out of Jail Free card. More like a Get Out of That Pit Free card.

So I altered my cup to remind me of that. An etiquette edit, if you will. photoHope your morning has been going a bit smoother than mine, and I hope you have a truly lovely day. I’m sure my day will turn around. But if it doesn’t…hey, I still only have eight days til WDW! And that’s something to celebrate!

With love, Malorie