Speak the Lingo

Confused by some of the terminology on Elrods Go Disney?
Well, welcome to Speak the Lingo where you can learn to talk like a Disney expert!…and decipher what all those Disney-crazed people are talking about…

ADR – abbreviation for Advanced Dining Reservation. ADR’s can be made 180 days prior to your arrival date by you or your travel agent.

AK / DAKDisney’s Animal Kingdom

Backstageareas restricted to park guests; employee only areas.

Cast MemberDisney employee

Counter Service also known as quick service; refers to a meal that you order and receive at a self-serve restaurant; Disney’s version of a fast food restaurant.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened on April 22, 1998, Animal Kingdom is the largest park at Walt Disney World and features live animals along with shows and attractions; Disney’s “zoo”

Dining Plana meal package purchased before a trip; can be classified into three categories: Quick-Service Dining Plan, Dining Plan, and Deluxe Dining Plan

Quick-Service Dining Plan: Includes two quick service meals and two snacks per person ages 3+ for each day of stay, along with one refillable resort mug per person.

Dining Plan: Includes one quick service meal, one table service meal, and two snacks per person ages 3+ for each day of stay, along with one refillable resort mug per person.

Deluxe Dining Plan: Includes three table OR quick service service meals and two snacks per person ages 3+ for each day of stay, along with one refillable resort mug per person.

*in 2018 guests 21+ will be able to have a single-serving alcoholic beverage with their meal credit. Guest under 21 will be able to get a fresh smoothie or artesian milkshake with their meal credit.

Disney Goerone who visits Disney often and is very knowledgeable about it; a person who loves Disney and it’s many theme parks.

Disney’s Hollywood Studiosoriginally opened on May 1, 1989 as MGM Studios, this show-heavy park was renamed Hollywood Studios in January 2008.

Disney Springs – the ultimate shopping and dining destination that includes unique shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and lively entertainment. 

Disney Transportationthe system of buses, boats and monorails that move guests from one location to another; free of charge to those staying on and off property.

DHS Disney’s Hollywood Studios

EPCOT Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow; the second Walt Disney World theme park to open on October 1, 1982; home of the World Showcase.

Extra Magic Hours times when the parks open early or stay open late; only available to guests staying on property; included in price of admission.

FastPass – a line bypass option for Disney attractions. You or your travel agent can reserve your FASTPASSES up to 60 days in advance if you are staying on property and 30 days in advance if you are staying off property. Once your reserved time arrives, scan your magic band at the FASTPASS entrance of an attraction to for a considerably less wait time.

GuestWalt Disney World visitor; you.

MagicBanda wrist band that is your Key to the Kingdom. It includes a chip which when scanned acts as your room key, park tickets, FastPass+, PhotoPass, and room charge payment option. It comes in a variety of colors and for a fee, can be personalized further with Cover Bands and Magic Sliders. 

Magic Kingdomwhere Cinderella’s Castle resides; opened on October 1, 1971, Magic Kingdom is commonly referred to as “Disney World” by those who don’t know Walt Disney World well.

MKMagic Kingdom

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Partya special event that takes place in Magic Kingdom on specific nights each year in September and October (sometimes early November); separate park admission is required.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party a special event that takes place in Magic Kingdom on specific nights each year in the months of November and December; separate park admission is required.

MVMCPMickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

My Disney Experiencea website and mobile app that helps Disney goers plan their trips through dining and FastPass reservations, access all of their pictures from Disney’s PhotoPass, do online check-in, and MORE. 

On Propertyrefers to resorts, restaurants, etc. that is located on real estate owned and operated by Disney. 

On Stageareas opened to park guests.

Off Propertyresorts, restaurants, etc. that is located on real estate NOT owned and operated by Disney.

PhotoPass Disney Cast Members at prime photo op locations throughout WDW are available to take professional-grade photos of your family that you can view from your My Disney Experience app to download, purchase, and even add a little bit of Disney magic. say cheese, scan your magic band, and your favorite Disney family photos are literally at your fingertips. 

Quick Servicesee Counter Service.

Rapid Fill – a system put into place in July 2013 in which refillable resort mugs come equipped with a hand-dandy RFID chip that allows guests to refill their mugs for free for a certain time period based on price. After that window of time is up, the chip will deactivate and free refills will no longer be available.

Price: $16.49 + tax for length of stay

Rope Dropto arrive on time or early to the opening of a specific location.

Table Servicerefers to a meal where you sit down and are served by a waitstaff; a reservation is often needed for these restaurants; Disney accepts reservations 180 days out from the date of arrival.

WDWWalt Disney World

*Keep in mind that many of the rides and resorts at WDW are also commonly abbreviated on Disney sites. However, I will rarely do that here at Elrods Go Disney. Feel free leave me comments on posts that you have questions about, or to let me know if I missed any big ones. I will update this list of lingo as often as necessary.

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